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by haign
October 1, 2009, 2:37 am
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The Big Pink- A Brief History of Love

To many of the large Muse following, it was a surprise to hear a relatively small band such as The Big Pink would be supporting them on their upcoming North American Tour.  The Big Pink, however, have quietly been gathering a large following themselves over the past few months. At one point, their MySpace Music page became a haven for all indie-rockers that felt the new Animal Collective album left something to be desired from the electronic-rock genre.  And, that is exactly what this band is. The only way to compare them to another group is to imagine the Yeah Yeah Yeahs colliding head-on with The Pixies.

Now, their debut album “A Brief History of Love” has been released in the US after huge amounts of anticipation. Rave reviews are pouring in left and right from some of the most resected names in the music industry. Their album begins as crisply and cleanly as it ends smoothly. The album covers all desires from dance music, to the type of music you could fall asleep to. (Not to say that it’s boring, because it most certainly isn’t. The music just has a calming quality.) The title track, Velvet, absolutely crushes expectations as it develops from a simple song to one of the grandest, most brilliant songs of the year.  I recommend listening to the entire album, but if you must single out tracks on the record: Too Young to Love, Dominos, Velvet, and Golden Pendulum.

The Big Pink – Velvet

The Big Pink- Dominos

The Big Pink- Too Young to Love