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Cage the Elephant at El Rey Theatre 11/5/09 by ClevelandBloggers
November 7, 2009, 2:28 am
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Last night (11/5/09) I was blessed with concert tickets to see Cage the Elephant at El Rey Theatre. The opening bands were The Shackletons and Morning Teleportation. Both were really different, but good. The Shackletons had a heavy garage band sound to them, and the singer spoke the lyrics…rather than singing them; which gave a really unique sound. Morning Teleportation is really hard to explain…you’d have to hear them for yourself to understand how awesome they are. Cage the Elephant was supposed to come on at around 9:00 PM, but were about two hours late because they were at a Pixies concert. (We now know where they get some of their influence from)

Cage the Elephant was CRAZY! As soon as they started playing you could hear the excitement and intensity in the music. After about three songs, a mini-mosh pit started. Cage the Elephant has the best energy I’ve ever seen in a concert. The songs they played that are on their first album, Cage the Elephant sounded almost exactly like they would if you listened to it on your ipod. They introduced a few new songs as well, and from them it’s easy to see that their new album is definitely something to look forward to.

A little more than halfway through the show, Cage the Elephant played their song “Back Stabbin’ Betty”. It’s a very angry song, and watching it being performed achieved…dare I use a CORE word? I think I shall. “Back Stabbin’ Betty” achieved catharsis in the audience. People were screaming and cursing along with the singer and jumping around. A song that seemed to be so negative turned out to be the exact opposite, and helped to bring a crowd of people together. Mike Shultz, the singer started stage diving during this song, and to my surprise ended up on top of my friend and I! Two other songs that they performed really well were “In One Ear”, and “Free Love”. These two songs have amazing beats…and amazing lyrics to match. They make you not care about anything but the music.

Cage the Elephant are some extremely talented dudes, and I really hope to hear more from them in the future.



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I LOVE THIS POST. How is it possible that you capture everything I felt so perfectly in words??? YOU’RE CRAZY!

(haha, dare I say I chuckled at your reference to the *gasp*COREWORDOMGCATHARSIS*gasp*)

Comment by secret_stylist

Thank you,
very interesting article

Comment by ostrov

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