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My Top Ten Albums of 2009 by ClevelandBloggers
December 28, 2009, 9:15 pm
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These are some of the albums released during the year 2009 that I find noteworthy for Cleveland students to hear about. If you like any of these descriptions, go check out the albums and see you if like it too!

1. This Is War- Thirty Seconds to Mars

-After a painfully long break, 30 Seconds to Mars proved with their new album that the spotlight would still be theirs. “This is War” has no weak points, and its earth shaking choruses highlight the album’s most intense moments. For anyone who enjoys music that makes them feel ready to conquer a planet, “This Is War” is for you.

2. 21st Century Breakdown- Green Day

-After American Idiot, Green Day’s fame soared through the roof. Soon enough, their great fame also lead to condemnation by listeners around the world. Yet with the release of “21st Century Breakdown”, Green Day has taken such popularity and put it to good use. Their catchy, fast-paced album breaks down the 21st Century, and different songs describe the different problems of contemporary life, such as society’s increasing dependence on electronic goods. “21st Century Breakdown” can provoke thought and make for a good rock album all at the same time.

3. Adelphia- A Skylit Drive

-A Skylit Drive is just beginning to climb the ladder up to fame, and “Adelphia” helped push them towards that climb. It’s a fast-paced album, with high-pitched vocals and pounding synths. Although at first you might be surprised by the incredible unique sound of the band, within a couple plays you will not be able to take it out of your stereo.

4. Crash Love- AFI

-After a year long tour, AFI spent two straight years writing their album “Crash Love”. They explained to their eager fans that the long wait was a result of their non-stop hard work to perfect a legendary album in the making. And they were right. The release of “Crash Love” showed that AFI could achieve whatever unique sound they worked for, and the band’s evolution through the years would not be complete without a listen to “Crash Love”.

5. Sounds of the Universe- Depeche Mode

-Everyone knows Depeche Mode: the band that has defined the dark electronic sounds and deep vocals found in music today. With “Sounds of the Universe” those satisfying sounds are back, and are perfect to close your eyes to or dance wildly to.

6. No Line On The Horizon- U2

-Just as the band above, U2 has had their hand in defining a musical generation. Their new album “No Line on the Horizon” is yet another work of art made by the band, with fast-paced beats and a unique sound in each of the songs.

7. All Time Low- Nothing Personal

-All Time Low is reaching their peak of fame, and there is no place you can go without seeing a poster of them or their CDs hanging on a wall. The band’s release of “Nothing Personal” was more than enough to satisfy music fans. All the songs are catchy, and there’s a favorite waiting for everyone who listens to the album. Although some of the lyrics are a bit ill-written, such as in the song “Too Much”, the band has truly created a catchy, fun album that anyone can have a good time with.

8. Ocean Eyes- Owl City

-Owl City, with only one album released, has already gained world recognition. The one man act has achieved in delivering everything an audience could ask for: fast beats, kind lyrics… In a world of skimpy dress and mundane, vulgar songs with no meaning, “Ocean Eyes” is a refreshing album. I guarantee, it will have you relaxed on the couch with a smile on your face in no time.

9. Hot Mess- Cobra Starship

-Just the mention of this album makes me want to start dancing. “Hot Mess” is one of the catchiest albums I’ve yet to hear, and is absolutely perfect for a good workout or dance party. This record is definitely a must buy.

10. Say Anything- Say Anything

-You have to listen to Say Anything to really understand how great and original the band is. “Say Anything” is a perfect album to really hear the unique sound of this band. There is no other musical act much like Say Anything, and his lyrics never fail to make me grin. The album incorporate electronic into its indie sound, and the vocals are sure to make you want to sing along.



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