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This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven… by ClevelandBloggers
January 22, 2010, 3:49 am
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The Pixies are AWESOME. They’ve been the favorite band of many artists including Kurt Cobain and all of Cage the Elephant. For some reason, the Pixies are really nice to listen to when it’s raining. (Or maybe it’s just me?) The singer, Frank Black has a really interesting voice. To match the interesting voice…he writes interesting lyrics. The Pixies have songs about insanity, UFOs, violent biblical stories, and…monkeys going to heaven? Yes, monkeys going to heaven. The Pixies started to gain their popularity in the early 90’s…but unfortunately they broke up soon after. In 2004 the Pixies finally reunited, and have been touring ever since. (You should DEFINITELY put them on your “bands to see” list).

Some of my favorite Pixies songs are “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “U-Mass”, “Oh My Golly!”, and “Where Is My Mind?”. I think “U-Mass” is the perfect song for a teenager. It totally reveals the frustration of being in high school and not having a voice. One awesome thing about the Pixies is that they can be really low-key or really loud and crazy. The Pixies have had SO MUCH influence on the music world; more than a lot of people realize. During a Cage the Elephant concert, the band started a jam while frontman Matt Shultz screamed “HEY PIXIES! I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!”

The Pixies are really fun to listen to on any occasion…check ’em out!


(P.S.) Did anyone see the lightning?


A Skylit Drive by ClevelandBloggers
January 18, 2010, 4:08 am
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A band that I felt should be recognized, and will most likely be recognized heavily very soon, is A Skylit Drive. A Skylit Drive is a band that breaks away from the common stereotype of “rock”, and creates something entirely their own. The band, although categorized under rock, adds their own touches to the music: high-pitched vocals, a synthesizer, and catchy guitar riffs. The singer’s voice is completely original; it is not the common monotone voice found in most music. Instead, Jag’s vocals range from low, to incredibly high. He can reach pitches many singers have difficulty with, and he can reach them well. The drummer, Cory, is talented too: the heavy guitar and fast solos does not easily cover up his intricate beats. Not to denote the guitars: both guitarists’ master their instruments by providing the audience with the perfect accompaniment to Jag’s vocals, Kyle’s piano, and Joey’s bass.

Performing live, the band is always engaging. Jag always nails every note, and the guitarists (Brian and Nick) and bassist (Joey) jump around the stage with high energy for the whole set. A Skylit Drive keeps you pumped the entire time, whether dancing along to their fast dance beats or their heavy guitar riffs.

In person, every member of the band is extremely nice. They take as much time as needed to have conversations with their fans, and always make jokes along the way. Their heightened popularity has clearly not affected them.

The band has released three 3 albums, their most recent being “Adelphia”. Their variety of songs on the album satisfies the need for a slow song, or a heavy song. A Skylit Drive’s music is so original, that if you ever heard it, you would immediately be able to identify it.

Although it may appeal to some, and not to others, it’s a good idea to give their music a chance. It’s a great change among all those bands that seem to sound so alike nowadays.

Check out A Skylit Drive’s myspace to preview their music here.

-Natalie Knipe

R.I.P. Jay Reatard by ClevelandBloggers
January 15, 2010, 12:59 am
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Yesterday it was announced that Jay Reatard has passed away. He was only 29 years old, and was found in his bed early Wednesday morning. Jay’s given name was Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., but he often said it wasn’t suitable for his music. Jay Reatard had a garage punk sound similar to bands like The Strokes and Turbo Fruits. He was just beginning to be discovered for his talents, and had his new single “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” given away for free on IndieFeed and Urban Outfitters LSTN.

Jay Reatard was extremely talented; more than many people gave him credit for. He was in many different bands, some of which included The Lost Sounds and The Reatards. He was even asked to cover Beck’s song “Gamma Ray”. Some of Reatard’s best songs are “See/Saw”, “Let It All Go”, “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”, “No Time”, “Wounded”, and “Tiny Little Home”. Most of these songs can actually be found for free on his website: What I really love about Jay Reatard’s music is that the songs are really fast paced and the lyrics are often silly or mean…but occasionally sweet. Like in the song “See/Saw”, Reatard sings: “She creeps me out…she grabs me in again.” Jay Reatard has a really unique voice that matches well with his garage-band style guitar playing.

This is a devastating loss for the music industry. Jay Reatard brought back much-needed good ‘ol rock ‘n roll. His care-free attitude was also very refreshing. In August, Jay Reatard said “I’m just trying to get the idea out before the inspiration is gone. Everything I do is motivated by the fear of running out of time.” Unfortunately, he ran out of time far too soon. R.I.P., Jay…you will be missed.

Check out these Jay Reatard videos here:


Tell Us a Story, I Know You’re Not Boring… by ClevelandBloggers
January 7, 2010, 5:03 am
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So, lately I’ve been just a little obsessed with The Strokes. Many people have been arguing about what the best album of the decade was. Personally, I think the best album of the decade is Is This It, by The Strokes. There’s not one boring song on this album, unlike many other bands or artists who have maybe one good song, and nine “ehh” songs. *cough cough, Owl City*

The Strokes have a really cool garage band post-punk revival sound to them. A few of their songs remind me of The Buzzcocks, Jay Reatard, Arctic Monkeys, and dare I say The Ramones? Imagine the Adolescents toned down, and you have The Strokes. I think the best song from Is This It is tied between “Is This It” or “Hard to Explain”. These two songs are definitely not the most popular off of Is This It. “Someday” and “Last Nite” are the two songs that made The Strokes big.

The Strokes’ fast paced drum beats, guitar riffs, and bass lines are very spastic and high energy. None of the songs will allow you to just sit still. Frontman Julian Casablancas is the primary song writer of The Strokes, and has a voice very similar to Lou Reed. Other successful albums The Strokes have come out with are Room On Fire and First Impressions of Earth. “Reptilia”, “12:51”, and “Juicebox” are the most popular songs off of these two albums. One thing I really love about The Strokes is their lyrics. In the song “Reptilia”, Julian Casablancas shouts “Tell us a story, I know you’re not boring!!!” I don’t know why…but it’s genius.

The Strokes reach out to a wide variety of people. From my friend whose favorite band is Pantera…to hipsters! This is definitely a band to PRAY that they go back to touring. The new decade just won’t be complete without them! *sniffle* Here are some wonderful links you guys might enjoy.


(P.S.) Happy late New Year!!!

NeverShoutNever by ClevelandBloggers
January 5, 2010, 3:16 am
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Many kids have begun to hear the name NeverShoutNever; whether in the hallways, the internet, etc, and the band is quickly growing in demand. NeverShoutNever is a one-man act, begun by Christopher Drew while he was still in high school. He sings and accompanies himself with a ukulele or a guitar. Drew’s music is a breath of fresh air in a world of music filled with bitter thoughts and cruel words. Instead, his songs are filled with messages of love, peace, and friendship. NeverShoutNever was recently signed to a major label, and prepares to release a new album in only a few months. However, Christopher Drew, in his MySpace blogs, still alludes to the fact that he misses recording songs within his own basement. Listening to NeverShoutNever brings one back to exactly that: simpler times.

After listening to only one song, one can easily sense the heavy influence bands such as the Beatles have had upon NeverShoutNever. Yet Christopher does not let this influence rule his music, and takes a turn towards his own independent sound through his poppy tone laced through the acoustic feel to the songs. Overall, his music (although nearly impossible to classify) sounds like The Beatles, an acoustic guitar, some popular pop tones, and an original, high pitched voice all thrown into one blender. There’s something in it for everyone.

No matter what situation one may be in, Christopher Drew’s music can always bring one peace of mind. All throughout the world, violence is becoming prominent, and even Cleveland students have been touched by its awful hand. NeverShoutNever offers an alternative to that scene. His music promotes the idea of peace and love; a concept that needs to be seen around more often in contemporary society.

If you’re ever looking for music that will make you smile, check out NeverShoutNever. His debut album, What Is Love, hits stores January 26, 2010.

If you wish to hear more, click here.