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NeverShoutNever by ClevelandBloggers
January 5, 2010, 3:16 am
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Many kids have begun to hear the name NeverShoutNever; whether in the hallways, the internet, etc, and the band is quickly growing in demand. NeverShoutNever is a one-man act, begun by Christopher Drew while he was still in high school. He sings and accompanies himself with a ukulele or a guitar. Drew’s music is a breath of fresh air in a world of music filled with bitter thoughts and cruel words. Instead, his songs are filled with messages of love, peace, and friendship. NeverShoutNever was recently signed to a major label, and prepares to release a new album in only a few months. However, Christopher Drew, in his MySpace blogs, still alludes to the fact that he misses recording songs within his own basement. Listening to NeverShoutNever brings one back to exactly that: simpler times.

After listening to only one song, one can easily sense the heavy influence bands such as the Beatles have had upon NeverShoutNever. Yet Christopher does not let this influence rule his music, and takes a turn towards his own independent sound through his poppy tone laced through the acoustic feel to the songs. Overall, his music (although nearly impossible to classify) sounds like The Beatles, an acoustic guitar, some popular pop tones, and an original, high pitched voice all thrown into one blender. There’s something in it for everyone.

No matter what situation one may be in, Christopher Drew’s music can always bring one peace of mind. All throughout the world, violence is becoming prominent, and even Cleveland students have been touched by its awful hand. NeverShoutNever offers an alternative to that scene. His music promotes the idea of peace and love; a concept that needs to be seen around more often in contemporary society.

If you’re ever looking for music that will make you smile, check out NeverShoutNever. His debut album, What Is Love, hits stores January 26, 2010.

If you wish to hear more, click here.



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