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Tell Us a Story, I Know You’re Not Boring… by ClevelandBloggers
January 7, 2010, 5:03 am
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So, lately I’ve been just a little obsessed with The Strokes. Many people have been arguing about what the best album of the decade was. Personally, I think the best album of the decade is Is This It, by The Strokes. There’s not one boring song on this album, unlike many other bands or artists who have maybe one good song, and nine “ehh” songs. *cough cough, Owl City*

The Strokes have a really cool garage band post-punk revival sound to them. A few of their songs remind me of The Buzzcocks, Jay Reatard, Arctic Monkeys, and dare I say The Ramones? Imagine the Adolescents toned down, and you have The Strokes. I think the best song from Is This It is tied between “Is This It” or “Hard to Explain”. These two songs are definitely not the most popular off of Is This It. “Someday” and “Last Nite” are the two songs that made The Strokes big.

The Strokes’ fast paced drum beats, guitar riffs, and bass lines are very spastic and high energy. None of the songs will allow you to just sit still. Frontman Julian Casablancas is the primary song writer of The Strokes, and has a voice very similar to Lou Reed. Other successful albums The Strokes have come out with are Room On Fire and First Impressions of Earth. “Reptilia”, “12:51”, and “Juicebox” are the most popular songs off of these two albums. One thing I really love about The Strokes is their lyrics. In the song “Reptilia”, Julian Casablancas shouts “Tell us a story, I know you’re not boring!!!” I don’t know why…but it’s genius.

The Strokes reach out to a wide variety of people. From my friend whose favorite band is Pantera…to hipsters! This is definitely a band to PRAY that they go back to touring. The new decade just won’t be complete without them! *sniffle* Here are some wonderful links you guys might enjoy.


(P.S.) Happy late New Year!!!


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I fucking love The Strokes!

P.S. Listen to this: Eyes Lose Their Fire by Kyte.

Epic. Absolutely EFFIN EPIC.
okthxbye. ❤

Comment by HALYNA

…..I, too have an addiction……. I mean whats not to love? I’m proud to be completely and utterly obsessed with there musical talent… x]

Comment by *******

If you do not absolutely love Ze Strokes, I don’t want to know you. I saw them when they first started out. They were absolutely AMAZING. Sadly, I’ve always been into hard rock and thumbed my nose at pop, sans The Beatles. At this point in my life, The Strokes > The Beatles. Flame away, bitches.

Comment by Mindy

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