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January 18, 2010, 4:08 am
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A band that I felt should be recognized, and will most likely be recognized heavily very soon, is A Skylit Drive. A Skylit Drive is a band that breaks away from the common stereotype of “rock”, and creates something entirely their own. The band, although categorized under rock, adds their own touches to the music: high-pitched vocals, a synthesizer, and catchy guitar riffs. The singer’s voice is completely original; it is not the common monotone voice found in most music. Instead, Jag’s vocals range from low, to incredibly high. He can reach pitches many singers have difficulty with, and he can reach them well. The drummer, Cory, is talented too: the heavy guitar and fast solos does not easily cover up his intricate beats. Not to denote the guitars: both guitarists’ master their instruments by providing the audience with the perfect accompaniment to Jag’s vocals, Kyle’s piano, and Joey’s bass.

Performing live, the band is always engaging. Jag always nails every note, and the guitarists (Brian and Nick) and bassist (Joey) jump around the stage with high energy for the whole set. A Skylit Drive keeps you pumped the entire time, whether dancing along to their fast dance beats or their heavy guitar riffs.

In person, every member of the band is extremely nice. They take as much time as needed to have conversations with their fans, and always make jokes along the way. Their heightened popularity has clearly not affected them.

The band has released three 3 albums, their most recent being “Adelphia”. Their variety of songs on the album satisfies the need for a slow song, or a heavy song. A Skylit Drive’s music is so original, that if you ever heard it, you would immediately be able to identify it.

Although it may appeal to some, and not to others, it’s a good idea to give their music a chance. It’s a great change among all those bands that seem to sound so alike nowadays.

Check out A Skylit Drive’s myspace to preview their music here.

-Natalie Knipe


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lots of this is wrong.

cory-drummer, screamer/growler
brian-bass, screamer
i just love a skylit drive! ❤
i know more than many.

Comment by Corinne

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