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This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven… by ClevelandBloggers
January 22, 2010, 3:49 am
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The Pixies are AWESOME. They’ve been the favorite band of many artists including Kurt Cobain and all of Cage the Elephant. For some reason, the Pixies are really nice to listen to when it’s raining. (Or maybe it’s just me?) The singer, Frank Black has a really interesting voice. To match the interesting voice…he writes interesting lyrics. The Pixies have songs about insanity, UFOs, violent biblical stories, and…monkeys going to heaven? Yes, monkeys going to heaven. The Pixies started to gain their popularity in the early 90’s…but unfortunately they broke up soon after. In 2004 the Pixies finally reunited, and have been touring ever since. (You should DEFINITELY put them on your “bands to see” list).

Some of my favorite Pixies songs are “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “U-Mass”, “Oh My Golly!”, and “Where Is My Mind?”. I think “U-Mass” is the perfect song for a teenager. It totally reveals the frustration of being in high school and not having a voice. One awesome thing about the Pixies is that they can be really low-key or really loud and crazy. The Pixies have had SO MUCH influence on the music world; more than a lot of people realize. During a Cage the Elephant concert, the band started a jam while frontman Matt Shultz screamed “HEY PIXIES! I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!”

The Pixies are really fun to listen to on any occasion…check ’em out!


(P.S.) Did anyone see the lightning?


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