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All Time Low could defeat Chuck Norris. Nothing Personal. by ClevelandBloggers
February 1, 2010, 6:40 am
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All Time Low is one of those bands that can make a party come to life, even if just one of their songs comes on the speakers. “Lost in Stereo” can turn a boring get-together into a full-out dance party. Their music caters to a wide array of tastes, and because of this, they have reached incredibly high places in the music world. It’s just too hard to resist their catchy music. The band has been described as “pop-punk” commonly, most likely due to their fast-paced guitars and drums, set with poppy undertones.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the band quite a few times live, and they are always light-hearted, fun, and extremely enjoyable. Between each song the band makes a point of cracking the most ridiculous jokes on stage that are impossible not to laugh about. During songs, each member is filled with explosive energy that can leave no fan sitting. I always find myself gripping my friends’ hands and jumping up and down for hours, as we sing their lyrics at the top of our lungs among a sea of moving people. It’s refreshing to see another band that can nail each note of a song perfectly, thus proving they are not just one more “studio band”.

Just last summer All Time Low released their third full-length album called Nothing Personal. This album accompanied their rise to the big stages, and has seen radio play all over the country. “Nothing Personal” has fast songs, slow songs, and downright catchy songs. My personal recommendations off of the new album are: “Weightless”, “Lost in Stereo”, “Damned if I Do Ya”, “Hello Brooklyn” and “Therapy”. Be sure to check out these tracks to get a feel for the band. Also check out their last two albums, which are just as great as Nothing Personal: So Wrong, It’s Right and Put Up, or Shut Up.

You can listen to the music and learn more about the band –here-.

-Natalie Knipe


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