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THE DODOS!!!!! by ClevelandBloggers
February 4, 2010, 3:30 am
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Ok, first of all…they called themselves The Dodos. ‘Nuff said. The Dodos are an interesting group composed of two people: Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. The Dodos are an indie rock band with an uber unique sound. If you click here you can find a few of their songs for…FREE!!!! Yayyyy!!! The Dodos mostly compose their songs using a relaxed yet oddly playful guitar, and super catchy drum beats. The song “Fables” sort of sounds like “Let Me Know“, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…mainly because of the drums.

The Dodos give a nice refreshing sound with their music (literally…I think of fresh air and trees when I hear them). And they’re muy bueno for relieving the stress of finals week! Just a fun-ish fact: the song “Fables” is NOT about lawyers. (Thanks Google…you’ve just shattered my entire universe.) Some of my favorite songs by The Dodos are “Fables”, “Red and Purple”, and “The Season”. “Red and Purple” is a really cute song. It sounds like something a little kid might write for their kindergarden crush. The Dodos’ best albums are Time to Die and Visiter (spelt wrong intentionally). They have really wacky cover art that goes PERFECT with the music!

The Dodos are really eclectic and talented…but have not yet claimed their fame. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future though.

Hope you guys like The Dodos; you can go to their website by clicking —-> here.


(P.S.) My recent song obsession: “Kissing Families”, by Silversun Pickups…enjoy!


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YOU KEEP WRITING ABOUT THE BANDS I LOVE. These guys are great, their music is so unique. The only thing is that most of their music has the same sound to it (you know, the drums and the tune and stuff? YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT?)which is good (because no one else does it like them) but also frustrating at times. It would be really cool if they expanded in terms of the style of their music, but still keeep their roots. Like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their early albums are all hardcore and screaming, but then It’s Blitz was so amazingly different, and it was absolutely perfect. They tried new melodies, new themes, and it made perfect sense because it was still Yeah Yeah Yeahs but with a new twist.

Anyways, I think I’d give Dodos a 3/5. Catchy, fun, great sound. Just need a bit of variety and diversity.

Comment by halyna

the dodos are such an amazing band! my all time favorite song by them is “jodi”. Its so amazing how music can be composed by 2 people. It seems so complex the way that they do it. And i just want to say thank you. Another band to really check out is Camera Obscura.

Comment by laura lemus

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