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It takes 30 Seconds to get to Mars. by ClevelandBloggers
February 17, 2010, 5:34 am
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30 Seconds to Mars is a band with an unusual story. Not many bands can claim that their lead singer has worked in the movie industry alongside actors such as Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage; but 30 Seconds to Mars can do exactly that. Unfortunately, such a history has not proved in their favor. Many critics began to follow the band around with haunting criticism that the vocalist, Jared Leto, was more focused on his on-screen career rather than his musical one. Yet, with the release of the band’s latest album, This is War, not only have the critics fallen silent; all listeners have.

The “rock” group’s previous album, A Beautiful Lie, was their first skyrocket up to recognition. Its catchy beats and husky vocals didn’t fail to quickly grab the attention of the music world. The single off of the record, “The Kill”, raided airplay all across the country, gaining 30 Seconds to Mars even further recognition. However, listeners were shocked into silence with the release of This Is War, for the pure reason that it is nothing like the band has ever released.

The group took a daring leap to change their sound, and succeeded. The album takes the notion of an alternative rock album, and adds in electronic beats and booming choirs that will catch you off guard no matter how many times you put that song on repeat. Furthermore, 30 Seconds to Mars proved all of their critics wrong; no matter what Leto felt like doing as a career, the band would not be affected. I promise, that with the listen of the first song “Escape”, you will be indefinitely hooked. The album is the likes of a sound never heard before. All risks taken have proved to be undeniably successful.

-Natalie Knipe


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