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Fun and Clever Covers of Popular Songs by ClevelandBloggers
February 26, 2010, 6:25 am
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It’s alway fun to hear when a band tries to take one of your favorite songs and make it their own. Here are a few songs that I think have covers that deserve to be recognized.

  1. Toxic: A Static Lullaby

Want to enjoy an old Britney Spears song in a new light? A Static Lullaby has taken the pop hit and added in their touch of guitars, drums, bass, and, of course, screams.

2.   I Wanna Love You: The Maine

    A pop-punk band has covered an Akon hit. And The Maine has done it well. Melodic lyrics have taken the place of the rap-filled verses, and if not for the similar choruses, it would be hard to tell the two songs were alike!

    3.  When I Grow Up: Mayday Parade

      A song that I normally did not care for by the Pussycat Dolls was turned into something that I constantly wanted to dance to by Mayday Parade. They replaced all the electronc beats with drums and guitars for a cleaner, catchier sound.

      4.  Flagpole Sitta: Chiodos

        In middle school, Flagpole Sitta was one of my favorite songs. I didn’t think it could get any better until Chiodos covered it. Craig Owen’s vocals are at just the right pitch that the cover can’t go wrong. Although the two songs sound very much alike, Chiodos did a good job in subtly adding in their own touch.

        5.  Smooth: Escape the Fate

          It’s extremely, extremely difficult to take on the challenge of covering a Carlos Santana. Yet, I believe Escape the Fate did the song justice and worked hard to create a catchy cover of a Santana classic.

          6.  Ziggy Stardust: AFI

            This cover is hard to find, because it has not been professionally recorded. But I have provided a link for it here. AFI were able to take a David Bowie classic, and cover it in creative way that must have made him proud.

            7.  Halloween: AFI

              The Misfits are a hard band to cover, because of they are a legend among the punk scene. Although the two songs sound quite different vocally, AFI’s cover of the Misfit song is just as good as the original.

              8.  Umbrella: All Time Low

                Everyone knows Rihanna’s song about those lovely plastic canopies that save you from the rain. One again, another pop-punk band has taken a pop song and turned into something ridiculously catchy.

                9.  Personal Jesus: Marilyn Manson

                  Considering the amount of scorn Marilyn Manson is under right now, it may be nice to at least recognize one of his feats. It must be intimidating beyond belief to try and tackle a Johnny Cash song, but I believe that Manson really tried and succeeded. The two songs are so different that it’s refreshing. Some covers sound exactly like the original songs, yet Manson disposes of guitars and goes for full on electronic beats.

                  10.  Stripped: Shiny Toy Guns

                    Depeche Mode is a legendary band, and also intimidating to cover. Yet again, Shiny Toy Guns did it, and did it well. Using female and male vocals, they tackled the song with mellow beats and synthesizers.

                    11.  Feel Good Inc.: We The Kings

                      We The Kings has taken another hit, and substituted their guitars for electronics, as well as changing some of the vocals to provide everyone with their own well-done, catchy version of a Gorillaz classic.

                      -Natalie Knipe


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