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Finally…Finals! by ClevelandBloggers
June 15, 2010, 4:03 am
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Well Cleveland, we are done with the first day of finals! Just two more to go. Laaaaaame. Feeling stressed? Like your head is just going to explode into a bajillion pieces? …Yea, me too. So take a teensy-weensy break from studying to let the blood flow back to your head, and listen to some music. What do I recommend? Modest Mouse. They have the two types of perfect songs for finals week: chill out songs and “AGHHHHHH” *pulls out hair & runs away screaming* songs. Lead singer, Isaac Brock seems to be cursed with the infinite feeling of thoughtful sadness; melancholia. A perfect example of this would be “Dramamine” and “Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In“. The lyrics are pretty sad, but the music itself is very relaxed.

Modest Mouse has been around since 1993, and was formed in one of the music capitols of the world; Seattle. Ex-guitarist, Johnny Marr was in The Smiths before he recently joined Modest Mouse in 2006…but was later replaced by Tom Peloso in 2009. I think their best albums are This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About, Lonesome Crowded West, and Building Nothing Out of Something. Even though they’ve been around for 17 years, they haven’t lost their incredibly unique sound. Modest Mouse recently let out a new EP, No One’s First and You’re Next. So far my favorite song from the EP is “I’ve Got It All (Most)“. My favorite lines are “How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently?” and “Hey there, Mr. Sweet and awful…are you going somewhere, or are you just walking through my walls?” Isaac Brock has a really interesting and emotional voice.

If you’re in a bit of a weird mood, you might want to try listening to “Never Ending Math Equation“. It has a really interesting beat and the words can make you think about some odd stuff. Plus it has to do with math! Sort of… (not really, shhhh) I’ve been quite obsessed with Modest Mouse lately. Check them out, you might find yourself obsessed aswell!


(P.S.) 11th grade core, here I come! Woot!