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I Would Have Told You, But You Don’t Like Talking by ClevelandBloggers
January 23, 2011, 5:04 pm
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So, last night I went to The Smell. It’ s an all-ages club that doesn’t serve alcohol. And shows are SUPER cheap. Defiance Ohio, Kimya Dawson, Moses Campbell, and Peter Pants all performed yesterday for only five dollars! The show was AAAAAMAZING!

Peter Pants opened, and they were surprisingly great (I was skeptical because of the name). They had really fun spastic guitar riffs and drum beats. Moses Campbell, an acoustic/indie/punk band came next. They only have one album, titled Who Are You? Who Is Anyone? So far my favorite songs by them are “And It’s Over 1” and “Saturday”. “And It’s Over 1” is easy to dance to and has nice lyrics. “Saturday” is a slower song, with lyrics like “And maybe I don’t wanna die anymore. And in the sky, everything is prettier than before.”

Defiance, Ohio came after Moses Campbell…and they blew me away! They were so much fun to watch perform. They’re a folk-punk band with multiple singers, and even a girl playing fiddle! People in the crowd immediately began to mosh when they played. My favorite songs by them have always been tied between “Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry?” and “Lullabies”. I was actually sad when they played their last song. Defiance, Ohio is really great, and you can check them out here.

Kimya Dawson performed last. You may have heard some of her music in the movie Juno. She’s also a member of The Moldy Peaches. Unfortunately, I only got to see her perform three songs before I had to leave. Kimya Dawson’s songs are really interesting because they tell a story. Like one song about a man named Fabio who rode his horse into Mexico. She also has a fun children’s album titled Alphabutt.

I recommend going to The Smell if you’re looking for something to do, but don’t have a bunch of money. All shows are only five dollars, and the music is great!


(P.S.) Defiance, Ohio, Kimya Dawson, and Moses Campbell will all be performing at The Smell again tonight!