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Dear Current Music Scene: You Don’t Suck! by ClevelandBloggers
February 13, 2011, 4:28 pm
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First of all, I do NOT mean any disrespect to Kelly by writing this article. But I completely disagree with the accusations of music today being terrible and unoriginal. Their are SO many great options out there to listen to. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking Lady Gaga. While I admit, I’m not too fond of her…I know many other people are. And there’s a reason for that. Just because things are a lot different then 1973, doesn’t mean things have gotten bad.

I’m not sure anyone has the right to call certain types of music “bad”. While someone might hate one band, another person might love then. So obviously, the person who loves the artist doesn’t think they’re bad.

Not everyone has the free time on their hands…or the extra money for that matter to go to a bunch of “indie” shows (Yes, “indie” music really does still exist). Others just don’t see the point in searching the internet for hours to find something that no one else listens to. For some people, whatever is on the radio is all that’s available for them. And that’s fine!

There are plenty of inventive bands that are actually indie bands. Sonic Youth was incredibly new and different for their time. And to say that the Rolling Stones have burned out is borderline ridiculous! What do you expect? They’re almost in their 70’s! They deserve a pat on the back for the musical revolution they created before the 21st century.

It’s not right to turn your nose up just because you don’t necessarily love what’s being created. Music in the earlier decades was called “garbage” by many but are now considered classics. Good bands of this century such as The Strokes, Bright Eyes, Broken Social Scene, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Silversun Pickups, The XX, The Raconteurs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Decemberists, Peter Bjorn and John, Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire (I could go on all day) are everywhere!

Music today is just as good as the decades before. Every decade borrows from the ones before it, that’s how music and style work.

Music is art…and art is open to interpretation, so you can not just call music “bad” because you don’t personally like it.


(P.S.) Speaking of “cliches”, I’ll be back with my usual insanely cheesy Valentines Day playlist later!


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